Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here comes a baby has been pretty crazy lately. I have been hired to do my student teaching for seminary next year. I am excited about that and as well Chantal had our second child. His name is Benson Alyn Dougal. We know his initials spell bad, but we figure people have survived with crazy names so I think he will survive with those initials. I will let you in on the whole birth process. Not everyone knows the entire story. In fact most people don't at all. We went in when Chantal was 7 weeks pregnant and assumed she was around 2 weeks pregnant. The next time we came in was supposed to be around the ten week appointment. We got our first ultrasound and they said you have a boy on the way. He crosses his legs modestly but he is definitely a boy and you are actually a little over 14 weeks along. The next news came as quite a surprise. We were brought into the doctors office and told not to worry, but they saw something on the ultrasound that they don't always see. He had two choroid plexuses on his brain. They said because of new technology they have started seeing them more often but they don't usually see them with the next observation. He also had a few white wisps on his heart. They also said this can be common but they don't usually see them both and they don't often see them in multiples. Then the doctor says go home and don't look it up on the internet. Everything will be ok. So the first thing we do is look it up on the internet and what do we see? Trisomy 18, a debilitating genetic disorder. Well that put us in a sound mind right there, but we prayed and prayed and felt everything would be fine. This is one reason why we didn't tell everyone because people are already stressed and we figured everything would be ok. We ended up going in for a four ultrasounds as our little boy was growing. After 14 weeks we went back in and did one last ultrasound to make sure all was well and they said everything looked great. We were extremely happy to hear this. SO then the wait begins. At 39 weeks his time came. Chantal started having contractions in the morning on Friday the 27th. We walked all over the place and even went to costco. We came back to our house and went for another walk. We went over to our neighbors house down the road and sat and talked for some time while Chantal was having some big contractions. It started to rain and my parents were at our house so they came and grabbed us. Amber and Jake and their children were there as well. They stayed around and Chantal said we could be having this baby tonight. I don't think anyone believed her until right before Amber left that she said maybe you will have this baby tonight. I fell asleep around 130 and was woken up at 4 to head to the hospital. My mom came over to watch Bryn and off we were to the hospital. We got in quick and then ended up having to wait for the doctor to finish a surgery to come break the water. He did that around ten and Benson came at 1:15. The pushing took a little longer this time, but it went so well. Everyone was praying from red hair but as he came out his father was right...he was dark and hairy....Not as hairy as Brynlee. West Valley was an amazing hospital. We loved the nurses and doctors and the rooms with the big queen size bed was pretty nice as well. Recovery is great and Brynlee loves her little brother. She smothers him with kisses and hugs. He was 7 lbs 1 ounce and 19 inches long.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not much here

So not a whole lot has happened recently. Brynlee is growing up extremely quick. She loves to feed herself and dress up now and dance parties happen on a daily basis in our family. I also am getting excited for our next little addition to the world. I don't have much to write as the only thing we have done in the last few days is cut down trees and paint the pink teal and yellow room. It took three coast to cover the whole thing and two coats of primer. Glad it is almost done. It is just nice having a roof over our head honestly.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life in General

I don't know if anyone will see this because we have not posted in a while. I guess I will give a quick update. Life is pretty good. I was hired as a seminary teacher for a while, but when the teacher came back I went off into the sunset to hope to be able to teach again someday. We have made some pretty significant changes to our home. It has been a lot of work but I can't even count the amount of trees I have cut down or hours I have spent in the back yard. We just got back with out team from the Ballroom National Showdance Championships in Rexburg. Our team is now the National Title holders in the standard youth division and our preteen team is second. It is quite an accomplishment for the first year coaching. They beat out quite a few teams that had danced much longer than they had. Other than that...Brynlee is getting big and we have another little boy coming into our life here at the beginning of June. Chantal is starting to show. The pregnancy things just seems to agree with her. Why not? She does everything else amazingly.
I have also started doing work at a website called It is a site that helps the church organize different materials. It is really cool to get on in my spare time and help out. They said there is enough material that it would take 30 years to do it all themselves so they are asking for help with tagging and identifying page breaks and everything. Hopefully we will be better at updating. I am going to make it my goal to at least write once every other week. Someone keep me accountable on this one!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oregon coast trip!

We went to a wax museum in Newport and happened upon Johnny Depp!
Picture from the tide pool

Brynlee swimming for the first time

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Dustin and Trevor checking out the waves crashing in

Brynlee out all alone by the tide pool, tide was coming in though, so we got her and got out of there!

Dustin walking by the tide pool

Out at the beach outside our resort, Brynlee was quite bundled, it wasn't too cold though.

Brynlee all bundled to keep warm as we went down to a tide pool

So here we have Trevor, Dustin, Kierstin and Brynlee looking out over the tide pools as the tide was starting to rise. There were a bunch of seals down there!

We had a super great time over spring break! Trevor, Brynlee and I went on vacation with Dustin and Kierstin to the Oregon Coast! It was so nice to get away and relax. We stayed at the Worldmark in Gleneden (thank you Aunt Nicole). We ate horribly, well I guess I should say we ate deliciously, but badly! We went in the hot tub every night (we brought Brynlee in her carseat) and we gallivanted about the coastside! We spent a day in Newport, and ate at this awesome like food shop on the coast. We went shopping in Lincoln city, where they had a Carters outlet! Oh yea! I got Brynlee some summer stuff and some new onesies! We went to Tillamook! Mmm Cheese (baw!!! I don't like cheese, but Trevor nearly cleaned out the squeeky cheese samples!) We had ice cream! We got the 5 scoop sampler (we got: birthday cake, German chocolate cake, sticky cinnamon bun, marionberry pie, and another I can't remember). The ice cream was DELICIOUS! MMMM..... There was an indoor pool at the Worldmark in Depoe Bay, so we went and took Brynlee swimming for her time. We also went to a light house at Yaquina Head. It was beautiful (picture up top). They had a tour of the lighthouse, which we decided to go one, however, when we got there, they said that no one that could not walk themselves up the stairs could go. Lame! So Brynlee and went walking around the lighthouse and went and watched the ocean, she thought it was pretty cool.

So I feel like I am rambling now, Moral of the story, it was a blast and I was so glad that we were able to go with such good friends!

Catch Up!

Jenny Jump Up! She loves it!

Can you tell she just woke up? She is a little loopy looking!

Big girl Piggies! I love them!

Sweet rosy cheeks

I-D-A-H-O Idaho Idaho Go Go Go

Cute Smile!

Mohawk Baby!

Cute little lady!

So here is Brynlee trying rice cereal for the first time. She was not so sure what she thought of it, as you can see. I usually end up dumping the rest into a bottle to drink before bed. We practice eating it everyday, she is getting better!

Hi all! So this is Chantal, I am now the blogger in the fam. Trev started our blog, but he is handing over the reins. I am still a little boggled by it all. I am going to figure out how to make it amazing, I promise!

So... What have we been up to? Well, Trev and I are both looking forward to graduation in May! Glory Glory Glory, I have been in college for 6 years! Trevor is just so special that he is going to get done with 2 degrees in 4 years, show off! :) Just kidding, I am so happy that he is taking a shorter route than I did!

Brynlee is doing wonderfully! She is awesome, we love having her. She is just such a good girl, she never gets too worked up about anything, she normally just wants to hang out with the fam. She loves attention (cough, like her father, cough :) ) and as long as she is getting some, she is good to go!

We are still working on getting everything taken care of for the house. We found out on Saturday that our paperwork was sent to the wrong place, which is way stinky! We are hoping it will all come through sometime soon, if not Mom and Pop Dougal, here we come! :) That was meant to be a threat! So the deal is, we reserved the UHaul for right after graduation, whether we have a house to move into or not!

I am trying to play catch up with the blog on this post. I am going to post about our Oregon trip in the next on, just to keep them separate!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More on the baby!

So here are a few. I will send out more as soon as I get the chance and will write what is going on in life. She is getting big!

Trevor, I am going to milk you!

Trevor, I am going to milk you!